Event Descriptions

Anime Music that ROCKS!
Music can make a great anime even better. See if your favorite songs make the list.

A Theory of Trigger (18+)
Kill La Kill. Gurren Lagann. Giant Robots, Super powered schoolgirl outfits. What do they have in common? More than you’d expect. Come discuss the similarities and contrasts between two powerful pieces made by the same great people who now make up Trigger studios.

An Introduction to Sports Anime
The sports anime genre is growing to be one of the strongest fandoms out there! Join us as we present some of the latest and greatest titles out there, and give suggestions on many more. Audience participation gives you prizes!

Artistry of K-Pop
Come join an audio visual tour through the world of kpop. Introducing new and established artists. Something for the veteran kpopper and new comer alike!

Bad Boys Love (18+)
You might think you’ve seen bad yaoi, but Junjou Romantica doesn’t count. Join us as we make fun of the worst of the worst that yaoi has to offer!

Bamboozled: The 18+ Con Life Game Show
Anything goes in the Con Life Game Show! In a game where everything’s made up, answer Truth or Dare, caption hentai, eat wasabi…and be careful not to get Bamboozled!!

Convention Horror Stories
Con creepers? Costume mishaps? Come share your worst convention stories and hear ours!

Cosplay And Disabilities
This panel is a safe zone for those of us that struggle to balance our love for cosplay and our own minds and bodies. Consider this a place with no judgment, just support, for you and what you go through. From anxiety to paralysis you have a place to come for questions or concerns regarding your community.

DJing in the Age of Conventions: The Con DJ Panel
The Samuraicon DJs talk to you about their life experiences and their climb to the top in a time where the expectations of Electronic Dance events at cons are rapidly changing.

Do You Even Pose? A How To Panel
Proud of your cosplays but having trouble posing for photos? Come learn how to pose! In this panel we’ll talk about different posing and portraiture techniques for a variety of body types, cosplays, and props!

Doesn’t That Hurt? Cosplaying in Heels
Need to wear heels for a cosplay but just can’t see how people wear them all day? We’ve been there. We know how you feel. Come learn how to stay comfortable and pain free while keeping your cosplays accurate and attractive!

Danganronpa with Erika Harlacher and Brian Beacock
Saturday of Samuraicon, join Erika Harlacher, the voice behind the mysterious Kyōko Kirigiri, and Brian Beacock as Monokuma, the malicious headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy as they talk about their work behind the scenes of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc!

Durarara!! With Brian Beacock and Darrel Guilbeau
Join Darrel Guilbeau, the voice of Mikado Ryugamine, and Brian Beacock, the voice of Walker Yumasaki as they recount their experiences working on the popular anime, Durarara!! This will be an interactive panel so come prepared to ask Darrel and Brian some of the things you’ve always wanted to know about the show. Rumor has it there may even be giveaways for lucky congoers attending this event!

Magical Girls- First World Problems:
Magical girls have such a hard life, with all that being pretty, having homework and overall dealing with major first world problems

Handling Your Harem:
The panel dissecting what it means to have your own anime harem and all the problems and perks to doing so.

Shoujo Life Lessons:
An in depth discussion of what we can take away from shoujo manga/anime and why it’s not always a great basis for empowering girls or giving guys an easy time.

Japanese Urban Legends:
A story-telling panel regarding a plethora of Japanese urban legends relating the urban myths to their culture and media.

I Wanna Touch It (18+)
Join Trial and Err0r for an exciting game show panel all about hentai!

Fanfiction: The Best of the Worst! 18+
We have searched the ends of the earth to find the most precious of all bad fanfiction gems. We’ll have our favorite excerpts from the old classics such as My Immortal and My Inner Life, to the newest most cutting edge of terrible stories. Bring your favorite, because we’ll be taking requests too!

Female Sports Anime
Want to learn about the female equivalent to Haikyu, Prince of Tennis, Yuri on Ice, and more? Come join our host as we wade through the expansive genre of sports anime!

Ghost in Blue JRock Concert
Ghost in Blue is a Hard Rock and Post-Grunge band who also happen to be huge nerds for J-Rock, anime, and video games! Founded in 2013, they are eager to be a part of Samuraicon’s first convention and leave a positive mark along the way of their Season 1 Convention Tour! Enjoy their musical performances of songs from Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and some of your other favorite anime series’!

Guys that Suck: An Intro to BL Games (18+)
DMMD isn’t the only BL game out there! Join us as we explore the world of BL games, complete with pictures!

Haikyuu: You just got served!
A interactive Haikyuu panel that will have a short Q&A, interactive games, and prizes!

History of Fandom
Ever wondered how fandom became a thing or how conventions grew to be so huge? Why is cosplay such a huge phenomena? Here, you’ll learn about the birth and rise of fandom and the anime convention culture.

Horrific Hentai (18+)
A collection of the worst hentai every made. Not badly done, but horrific, scaring, and horrifying. Do you have the stomach to sit through hentai that will make you question humanity? If you thought bible black was bad, boy do we have a surprise for you.

How to Lolita 2 (Advanced Level)
Now that you know a bit about starting lolita fashion, this panel will help guide you into building your wardrobe and getting involved in the lolita community!

How to Lolita Fashion
Have you ever wanted to get into lolita fashion, but you didn’t know where to start? This panel will teach you everything you need to know about getting started!

I’m Wigging Out!
Not sure where to start with wigs? We’ll cover everything from wig caps to wefting in this basic wig 101 panel! From buying your wig, wearing it, and storing it after con, we’ll walk through the process and discuss the anatomy of your wig, how to tell if your wig is good quality, and how to keep it that way!

Idol Study Club (A Love Live panel)
Join Nico for Idol Study Club! We’ll have an overview of the game and anime as well as chances to express your devotion to all things Love Live (including sunshine!) through song, dance and cosplay! Nico will have small prizes for those who exhibit the heart of an idol!

It’s Time to R-R-R-Reminisce!
What if I told you Yu-Gi-Oh! was never meant to be a card game series, but about a gambler who would bet on the lives of friends for entertainment? No one expects how violent and conniving the characters in this series really are because of American localization. But not anymore! Join us as we jump into Shadow Games that are beyond anything you’d expect.

Lore of Legends
Over 27 million people play League of legends daily, but do you think they know who really leads the Noxian army? Or which character prays to a kraken God? Or who really created Blitzcrank? Stop by League of Lore where we talk about our favorite characters outside the rift and explore all of Riot’s shining moments, and shortcomings, in their most successful game in MOBA history.

Magical Girls 101
Come join us for a magical time! We’ll talk about the history of magical girls all the way from Sally The Witch to the magical girl series today such as Pretty Cure , Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica!

Meet My Boyfriends~ An Introduction to Otome Games
Ladies and gentlemen, we encourage you to join us as we explore the wonderful world of Otome games! Popular anime such as UtaPri, Amnesia, and Diabolik lovers were originally visual novels in Japan. They allowed you to keep one of the boys for yourself! Join us as we explain what games are out there, including games you can buy in the US!

Meido Power! An Intro To Maid Cafes!
You might see the words “maid cafe” quite a lot while reading manga or watching anime, but do you ever wonder what they really are? We’ll you’re in luck! The girls of Cafe Petite Joy, an Ohio convention based maid cafe, is here to help explain what a maid cafe truly is! With their power of kawaii and meido magic, they will guide you through the wonders that is maid cafes, what they are and what they aren’t, what to expect, and how to enjoy them!

Ni♡Hana: A K-pop & J-pop Dance Medley
Ni♡Hana presents our popular K-pop & J-pop dance medley! We’ve created a 2 hour long dance medley including the most popular J-pop & K-pop songs of the decade! We invite everyone to come dance with us and show their dancing skills while meeting new people and discovering new music!

Ni♡Hana: A K-pop & J-pop Game Show
Ni♡Hana presents a K-pop & J-pop style Game Show for everyone to test their knowledge about all things K-pop & Jpop! We encourage everyone to get involved and have fun dancing, singing, humming, guessing trivia, drawing, and many other things! The winning team will receive a prize

Ni♡Hana: The Quirky Side of K-pop & J-pop Dance Party
Ni♡Hana presents another new medley featuring the funniest, weirdest, quirkiest, and intense K-pop & J-pop songs and dances! We encourage everyone to come up and dance along with us to our premade medley featuring artists like PSY, Vocaloid, EXO, LadyBaby, SHINee, and many more!

One Piece: King of the Pirates
Follow the journey of the Strawhats to find One Piece and achieve their dreams. Story arcs, Villains, the “what ifs”” and much more for debate.

Pretty Cure 101
Welcome to Pretty Cure 101! We’ll go over the history of the Pretty Cure franchise as well as discuss our favorite Pretty Cure series! Learn about a great magical girl franchise that’s over looked in the West! We’ll also talk about the Netflix exclusive “Glitter Force” which is the English

Ramblings of an Old Okatu
View anime, manga, the internet and life in general from the “old” side.

Resin Casting 101
Come learn how to get started on the exciting journey of using epoxy resin! You can use it for your art, your cosplay, or just for fun! This panel will give you all the information you need to get started, such as where to buy, how to use, and tips and tricks!

Vocaloid: beyond Hatsune Miku
What is vocaloid? What/who are the vocaloids? Come and find out! We will introduce the software, the culture, the characters and the voices that power it all!

What to do When the Worst Happens
Your prop broke, your costume ripped, and that big cosplay you have been wanting to wear for months didn’t get done in time. What now?

Who are you again?
Cosplaying a side character? An unknown anime? Does your costume look too much like regular clothes? We can help!

Yaoi Jeopardy (18+)
Do you everything there is to know about yaoi? If you wanted to test your yaoi knowledge, come to this jeopardy based panel!

You Died of Dysentery… Again (18+)
Ah, yes, the Oregon Trail. Who remembers sitting around a beat up Windows ’98, complaining about your choices? Do you trade with the other travelers? Do you caulk your wagon and float it? What about going out to hunt? Well, it looks like Sarah’s broken both of her legs… And you’ve died of dysentery, AGAIN. So let’s travel the Oregon Trail together, utilizing all our profanity and pent up childhood rage along the way!

Yugioh 101
You’ve laughed at little kuriboh. You’ve joked about “Card games on motorcycles!” but do you know how to play the game? Join us at yugioh 101 to learn how to play the highest grossing card game in the world.

Way of the Samurai
The almost mystical martial arts of Japan’s greatest warriors, brought to life by professional martial artists. Watch us present the Way of the Samurai, mixing combat and comedy in a dizzying trip to 16th century Japan.

No Means No: Self Defense for Anime Fans
NO means NO! Saying it is good. Enforcing it is better. Women (and men) have a right to their own personal space and safety, and when unpleasantness occurs, it’s nice to able to protect oneself. Come learn easy, simple but very effective techniques from Samurai Dan’s overenthusiastic partner Jillian that will make your con experiences safer and more enjoyable (for you, at least!).

Samurai Sword Class
Not a boffer class! Real samurai sword moves and concepts taught by a professional swordsman to con goers.

Real Sword or Piece of Crap
Want to pick up a sword and KNOW that it will get you through the upcmoing Zombie Apocalypse(Oh yea, it’s coming)? Need to know at a glance if a blade is simply shiny, artsy, or full-on battle worthy? Come follow Samurai Dan through an easy step by step examination of blades and prepare yourself for…well, you know!

I Want to be a Voice Actor w/ Brian Beacock
Does what it says on the Tin. Join accomplished voice actor Brian Beacock as he tells you what it takes to be, and what it took him to become, a professional Voice Actor!

An Otaku’s Intro to Improv
Ever been interested in learning the basics of improv comedy? Come learn in an all-ages friendly, judge-free environment with some of the performers of Show Us Your Pokeballs.

So You Want to Be a Magical Girl
Join Nikki Gillette, creator of the Show Us Your Pokeballs comedy show and entertainer, for a workshop geared specifically towards women interested in pursuing comedy and entertainment. Learn what it takes to build a brand and market shows, as well as market yourself and most importantly, develop your act.

Show Us Your Pokeballs: The Improv Experience
Join members of the SUYP crew as they put on an all-ages friendly improv comedy show based around geek-culture themes!

Why Sora is Better Than Your Favorite Character, So Shut Up About Everyone Else
Kingdom Hearts is the best video game franchise ever. And Sora is the best character. Disagree? Come try and make your case for someone else. But you will lose. Because Sora is the best. So shush.

How Does I Voice Act? With Marianne Miller
Come and find out helpful tips on creating healthy voices with Marianne Miller and Erika Harlacher, professional voice actors. This panel focuses on techniques on creating different characters that sound believable without ruining your vocal chords.

Portrayal of Women and POCs in Media with Marianne Miller
Join Marianne Miller in a discussion about the presence of women and POCs in video games, anime, and TV Shows. This panel focuses on the good examples of strong non-white/non-male character writing and explores specific ways we can focus on improving future roles

Fanfiction Friday
Come be a part of a fun new fanfiction trend! Based on her current YouTube series, join Marianne Miller in this 2-hour panel as she hosts a writing exercise wherein random elements for your fanfiction are drawn from a hat and you have to write it in 30 minutes or less! What happens when Hank Hill and Captain Picard have too much tuna? You tell us!