Show Us Your Pokeballs

img_4884-1Show Us Your Pokeballs (SUYP) is a traveling comedy troupe wishing to spread their love of joke-telling and geek-culture. Billing themselves as “Stand Up Comedy FOR nerds, BY nerds”, SUYP has grown to include both a mainstage and traveling version of the show, and has also developed all-ages friendly improv workshops and improv shows to reach a wider audience. The mainstage show is hosted at the Circa 21 Speakeasy in Rock Island, IL, and includes sketch comedy as well as stand up that surrounds different types of themes, such as “Game of Thrones”, “Dr. Who”, and “Harry Potter”.

SUYP held its first show at Anime Milwaukee in February 2015. Since it’s debut the performers have made convention attendees laugh at Anime Central, Cedar Rapids Comic Con, QC Planet Con, and Gen Con, as well as an assortment of other venues.