Dealer room

Dealer Room Hours

Friday: 3pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am-7pm
Sunday: 10am-2pm

Booths are 7’x7′ and come with a 6′ table. Spaces are $50 each until October 1st 2016. After October 1st 2016, spaces are $75. Please add $20 for electricity.

To purchase booths, please contact us at and include the following info:

-Business Name
– Your name
-# of booths desired
-Link to your website(if you have one)
– Brief description of what you intend to sell

Dealer Rules

Please read the following rules. By signing the contract, the vendor agrees to the following terms.

Violations may result in actions ranging from warnings to removal from the premises.

1) Subletting or transference of space is not permitted without the prior permission of Samuraicon.

2) Vendor is responsible for the moving and set up of their own merchandise and displays. If Samuraicon has volunteers available for help, you may use their help at your own risk.

3) There is no smoking, vaping, or burning of any items permitted in the vendor room or hotel.

4) Please keep audio to a reasonable level. If it is too loud, staff will ask that you turn it down.

5) Any space not claimed by Saturday morning of the convention may be given to other vendors.

6) It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain necessary local, state, of federal tax permits and licenses and to ensure that their sales comply with law.

7) Vendors may not sell copyright or trademark infringing materials. If notified by right holders, Samuraicon will work with the holders to remove infringing materials and vendors.

8) 18+ material must be discretely displayed and potential buyers must be properly identified before looking at such product.

9) Material deemed offensive by staff must be removed if requested. Some examples of offensive material would be items that are racist in nature, promote pedophilia, or make humor of recent tragedies.

10) Vendors will have 30 minutes at the end of Friday and Saturday night to exit the vendor room. Vendors will have 30 minutes prior to the public opening of the vendor room on Saturday and Sunday morning. The vendor room shall remain locked and secured outside of these times, public times, and times assigned for set up and tear down, except in acceptable cases of circumstance.

11) Vendor is responsible for providing their own insurance to cover lost, stolen , or damaged product and displays.

12) No sticking of tape or attaching anything to the venue walls, decorations, etc.

13) Vendor must keep displays and product within the confines of the space that they have purchased.

14) Any flyers, postcards, business cards, etc promoting other shows or events should be approved by staff before distribution.

15) Samuraicon will open the vendor room to the public at the hours stated on the website regardless if any vendor is not present or not ready.

16) 50% refunds are available on paid spaces if a request is received by September 30th 2016.